Molten Metals Mineral Eye Shadow Collection

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Product Description

Get all 9 of our Molten Metals Mineral Pigments. You will recieve all 9 of the Molten minerals in 5gram sifter jars.

Our jars are packed FULL to the BRIM (and often overflowing!). We tamp down the jars and add more product until we cant fit any more in the jar!

Our Molten Metals are pure metallic pigments. They are made from bronze and copper. No micas, no oxides, no fillers or dyes.

The true beauty of these pigments is hard to capture on camera. They shimmer with a uniquely super-saturated and metallic chroma.

Smolder is a deep rich super saturated burgandy/wine shade
Aged Gold is a super saturated bronzy/gold
Burnished is a super saturated color with a deep gold hue
Gold Olive is a super saturated gold with an olive green undertone

Goldenrod is a super saturated golden brown
Milk Chocolate is a super saturated metallic bronze/brown
Rust is a super saturated warm brown with copper undertones
Umber is a super saturated deep red brown
Coppermine is our newest color. This is a rich, super saturated metallic copper red.

Molten Metals Mineral Eye Shadow Collection Molten Metals Mineral Eye Shadow Collection

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